Machine control

Figure 62 Automatically assisted grader machine
Figure 62 Automatically assisted grader machine

GNSS technology is being integrated into equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, graders, pavers and farm machinery to enhance productivity in the real-time operation of this equipment, and to provide situational awareness information to the equipment operator. The adoption of GNSS-based machine control is similar in its impact to the earlier adoption of hydraulics technology in machinery, which has had a profound effect on productivity and reliability.

Some of the benefits of GNSS-based machine control are summarised below:


By helping the equipment operator get to the desired grade more quickly, GNSS helps speed up the work, reducing capital and operating costs.


The precision achievable by GNSS-based solutions minimises the need to stop work while a survey crew measures the grade.

Job management:

Managers and contractors have access to accurate information about the job site, and the information can be viewed remotely.

Data management:

Users can print out status reports, save important data and transfer files to head office.

Theft detection:

GNSS allows users to define a “virtual fence” around their equipment and property for the purpose of automatically raising an alarm when equipment is removed, then providing equipment tracking information to the authorities.

Chapter 9: GNSS applications and equipment