Unique Survey Package

OPTOnav is a NovAtel-powered integrated aerial and land survey package from Forsberg Services that performs unlike any other tool on the market, featuring built-in point location and point-to-point measurement using a database of high-resolution photographs.

Forsberg Services founder and owner, Charles Forsberg, says, “The idea for this stemmed from some R&D in about 2000-2002 and then again in 2007-2010, where we managed to get a vehicle to navigate from optical information. We then had a further round of R&D from 2010-2012 where we slowly developed the system to become a precision real-time aerial survey package.”

Originally a navigation consultancy, Forsberg Services is today a European navigation systems integrator and OEM component supplier, with strong engineering experience in navigation and specializing in PCB, software and mechanical design. The company has been a successful NovAtel dealer since 1997.

“OPTOnav is a real-time survey system that lets the user derive 3D coordinates of objects in imagery gathered on foot, in a vehicle, ship or an aircraft,” Forsberg explains. “It also enables precise measurement and orientation of objects in 3D.”

The key application is real-time aerial surveillance and survey, he says. As such OPTOnav can be of considerable value in accident scene investigation, where recording the exact location of debris fields is life-critical. But it also meets a key need in the area of defense, where surveying of hostile locations is difficult to undertake on foot and more safely done from remote locations.