Advanced GNSS Positioning Solutions

Not all GNSS users have the same positioning accuracy requirements or the same operational constraints. Today's highly flexible GNSS positioning technology options enable system integrators to assemble the best combination of hardware, software and services to meet the cost and performance demands of their specific application.

NovAtel CORRECT™ is an innovative addition to NovAtel's scalable OEM GNSS positioning offerings. It is designed to optimally handle GNSS constellations and corrections to deliver the best possible positioning solution. NovAtel CORRECT with TerraStar Precise Point Positioning (PPP) corrections provides decimetre-level or better positioning, globally. It complements well the existing SBAS, DGPS, RTK, GNSS+INS and GNSS heading options available on NovAtel's OEM6® receiver products.

PPP Flexibility

The technical principle of PPP is that measurement errors are mitigated or removed from the position calculation using sophisticated modeling techniques and correction products such as precise satellite orbit and clock corrections. GNSS corrections are generated using data from a global reference network and they can be applied anywhere on the Earth. By eliminating the need for a local reference receiver or receiver network, users can achieve centimetre- or decimetre-level positioning in areas where it is not practical to use traditional RTK techniques.

PPP positioning service COMPONENTS:

1. Correction products generated by the correction provider.

2. Corrections delivered to the user. TerraStar corrections, for example, are delivered over LBand satellite. This eliminates the need for a separate data link as is required for traditional RTK positioning.

3. Computation of the position solution onboard a dual-frequency GNSS receiver at the user end. The NovAtel CORRECT PPP solution applies the TerraStar-D corrections and corrects for local ionospheric and tropospheric errors to produce a decimetre or better solution.