Waypoint support materials

Demo Software

Please contact sales.nov.ap@hexagon.com if you are considering purchasing Waypoint® software or if you would like a demo version for evaluation purposes.

Latest Manufacturer files download

As a convenience to those who do not have internet access on the computer running Waypoint products, click here for the latest manufacturer files. Please note we cannot guarantee these files will remain compatible with old software versions.

Google Earth profiles for download sites

Google Earth profiles for all sites supported within the Download Service Data utility are available here.


2011 RINEX Conversion Patches

This patch is needed to convert RINEX data collected in 2011 to GPB format.  Patches are available for the following versions:

RINEX Patch for application of correct UTC offset for data collected after June 30, 2015

This patch is required if using version 8.50 to convert GPS+GLONASS data collected after June 30, 2015. The patch corrects an issue where the UTC offset is automatically corrected from the correct value (17 seconds) to the previous value of 16 seconds. No patch is required for previous versions (8.40 or earlier) or more recent versions (8.60+). No automatic UTC correction will be attempted after December 31, 2015.  After this date, the RINEX converter will rely completely on the UTC offset written to the RINEX header by the RINEX provider.