Inertial Explorer Xpress Support Materials


Waypoint 9.00 User Manual OM-20000166 REV 11 (2023-09-05)   PDF icon
Waypoint 8.90 User Manual OM-20000166 REV 10 (2021-04-21)           PDF icon
Waypoint 8.80 User Manual OM-20000166 REV 8 (2019-10-24)           PDF icon
Inertial Explorer 8.70 Manual OM-20000166 REV 4 (2018-03-16) PDF icon

General Support Material

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Application notes

Title Doc. No. Revision Download
Using Waypoint Software on Virtual Computers APN-081 REV A (2018-09-05) PDF icon
SPAN Data Logging for Inertial Explorer APN-076 REV 2 (2024-02-29)  PDF icon
Inertial Processing With Backpack Systems APN-068 REV B (2015-04-08) PDF icon
Determining Rotations for Inertial Explorer and SPAN APN-065 REV 0B (2020-01-07)  PDF icon