Inertial Explorer® Support Materials


Waypoint 8.90 User Manual OM-20000166 REV 10 (2021-04-21)   PDF
Waypoint 8.80 User Manual OM-20000166 REV 7 (2020-08-12)   PDF
Waypoint Documentation Portal
(2018-10-26) LINK
Inertial Explorer® 8.70 Manual OM-20000166 REV 4 (2018-03-16) PDF 
Inertial Explorer® Version 8.60 Manual OM-20000106 REV 10 (2014-11-10) PDF 
Inertial Explorer® Version 8.50 Manual OM-20000106 REV 9 (2013-04-15) PDF 
Inertial Explorer® Version 8.40 Manual OM-20000106 REV 8 (2011-11-08) PDF 
Inertial Explorer® Version 8.30 Manual OM-20000106 REV 7 (2010-04-08) PDF 

General Support Material

Waypoint FAQs                                                                                                (2013-11-25) LINK
What's New
(2013-11-25) LINK
Waypoint Technical Reports
(2013-11-25) LINK
Supported Data Formats
(2013-11-25) LINK
Inertial Explorer Version History
(2023-04-28) PDF 
Waypoint Software: Getting Started
(2015-09-21) LINK

Waypoint Downloads

Waypoint Geoids
(2013-11-25) LINK
Latest Manufacturer files download               As a convenience to those who do not have internet access on the computer running Waypoint products. Please note we cannot guarantee these files will remain compatible with old software versions (2022-08-15)