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Waypoint 9.00 User Manual OM-20000166 REV 11 (2023-09-05)   PDF icon
Waypoint 8.90 User Manual OM-20000166 REV 10 (2021-04-21)   PDF icon
Waypoint 8.80 User Manual OM-20000166 REV 7 (2020-08-12)   PDF icon
Inertial Explorer 8.70 Manual OM-20000166 REV 4 (2018-03-16) PDF icon
Inertial Explorer Version 8.60 Manual OM-20000106 REV 10 (2014-11-10) PDF icon
Inertial Explorer Version 8.50 Manual OM-20000106 REV 9 (2013-04-15) PDF icon
Inertial Explorer Version 8.40 Manual OM-20000106 REV 8 (2011-11-08) PDF icon
Inertial Explorer Version 8.30 Manual OM-20000106 REV 7 (2010-04-08) PDF icon

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As a convenience to those who do not have internet access on the computer running Waypoint products. Please note we cannot guarantee these files will remain compatible with old software versions

Application notes

Title Doc. No. Revision Download
Using Waypoint Software on Virtual Computers APN-081 REV A (2018-09-05) PDF icon
SPAN Data Logging for Inertial Explorer APN-076 REV 2 (2024-02-29)  PDF icon
Inertial Processing With Backpack Systems APN-068 REV B (2015-04-08) PDF icon
Determining Rotations for Inertial Explorer and SPAN APN-065 REV 0B (2020-01-07)  PDF icon