PwrPak7-E1 Support Materials


PwrPak7 Quick Start Guide GM-14915152 REV 8 (2021-07-01) PDF icon
OEM7 Documentation Portal
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PwrPak7 Technical Specifications (2022-04-01) LINK


Connecting a PwrPak7 to a PC over USB (2021-12-22) watch

Product Sheets

PwrPak7-E1 Product Sheet   REV 9 (2022-05-04) PDF icon

Firmware Downloads

7.09.02 Firmware VER 7.09.02 

Application notes

Title Doc. No. Revision Download
SPAN® External PVA Feature APN-113 REV 1 (2022-08-11) PDF icon
Inertial Navigation Systems and Vibration APN-112 REV 1 (2023-02-13) PDF icon
SPAN Overview and Integration Guide APN-109 REV 1 (2022-09-30) PDF icon
HotStart on OEM7 APN-107 REV 1 (2021-12-01) PDF icon
ALIGN Heading and Relative Positioning for OEM7 APN-094 REV 3 (2024-04-30) PDF icon
Using NovAtel Receivers with GNSS Simulators APN-090 REV A (2020-01-07) PDF icon
Variable Lever Arms: OEM6 and OEM7 Setup APN-088 REV A (2019-10-29)  PDF icon
CAN Bus Communication for OEM7 Products APN-083 REV 3 (2024-01-31) PDF icon
SPAN Data Collection Recommendations APN-080 REV 1 (2022-09-01) PDF icon
Configuring SPAN for Hydrographic Applications in OEM7 APN-078 (2017-12-01) PDF icon
RF Equipment Selection and Installation for OEM7 APN-077 REV 0C (2020-05-21) PDF icon
IMU Errors and Their Effects APN-064 REV A (2014-02-21) PDF icon
SPAN with ALIGN APN-059 REV 2 (2024-04-30) PDF icon


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