PwrPak7-E1 Support Materials


PwrPak7 Quick Start Guide GM-14915152 REV 7 (2019-11-29) PDF 
OEM7 Documentation Portal
(2017-10-02) LINK
PwrPak7 Technical Specifications (2022-04-01) LINK


Connecting a PwrPak7 to a PC over USB (2021-12-22) watch

Product Sheets

PwrPak7-E1 Product Sheet   REV 7 (2020-10-07) PDF 

Firmware Downloads

PwrPak 7.08.10 Firmware
VER 7.08.10 (2022-01-25) ZIP
WinLoad VER 1.00199 ZIP

Application Notes

Using NovAtel Receivers with GNSS Simulators APN-090  REV A (2020-01-07) PDF


Software downloads LINK