RELAY® RTK Radio Support

This is a previous generation product

Effective October 17, 2018, NovAtel Announces End of Life RELAYN-400, RELAYN-900 and RELAYN-HSPA RTK radio adapters

These products will be available for order until:

May 31, 2019 (or until inventory is depleted)

Shipments may be scheduled for no later than:

September 30, 2019

NovAtel will continue to support and repair these products until:

September 30, 2022

For a complete list of affected part numbers and the associated replacement part numbers, please refer to the table below:

NovAtel Part Number Replacement NovAtel Part Number
RELAYN-400 No Direct Replacement Part Available*
RELAYN-900 No Direct Replacement Part Available*

No Direct Replacement Part Available*

* RELAY-400 and RELAY7-900 are available to pair with SMART7 (all models). RELAY7 parts are not compatible with SMART6-L.



RELAY™ User Manual OM-20000161 REV 3 (2016-11-01) PDF (3.5 MB)

Product Sheets

RELAY™ Product Sheet D19828 REV 4 (2018-05-16) PDF (179 KB)

Firmware Downloads

SMART6-L Application Firmware Application is needed for use with RELAY™. VER 1 (2015-04-07)

ZIP (168 KB)
RELAY Firmware VER 2 (2017-03-23) ZIP (16 MB)
RELAY Web UI VER 1.03 (2016-04-04) ZIP (1.8 MB)
OEM6.730 Firmware VER 6.730 (2017-09-13) ZIP (9.8 MB)