Lifecycle Management Strategy

As a company dedicated to providing industry-leading positioning solutions, NovAtel reinvests 30% of our annual revenues into research and development. As new innovations are discovered and productized, older platforms are often unable to deliver the same functionality and performance as new generation technology. When significant performance enhancements are possible, or when supply issues beyond our control risk our product delivery in the future, we believe it is our responsibility to retire affected products as part of our product lifecycle management strategy.

NovAtel recognizes that transitioning to new technology platforms can be challenging and therefor is committed to providing our customers with critical End of Life (EOL) information as far in advance as possible. Our Customer Support team is available to help determine how the EOL for a NovAtel positioning product may affect our customer's business and work with them to make the transition to a new hardware version as seamless as possible.

When NovAtel announces EOL for any product, a notice is posted to the product and support pages of the affected products on our website. The following milestone definitions apply to all EOL announcements:

EOL Announcement

The names of all affected products are specified in the EOL announcement. Replacement parts and products are detailed

Order Date

The final date on which a product is available for order. In the case of a part supply issue, an “or until inventory is depleted” term may be stated in the EOL announcement

Shipment Date

The final date on which the EOL product can be shipped from NovAtel's manufacturing facility

Support and Repair

NovAtel is committed to supporting EOL products for as long as possible. However a date is stated after which product support and repair cannot be guaranteed

Software Updates

Any software version upgrades are specified

Archived Products

When products become so old that very few remain in operation, these products are added to our Archived Products List.