An Introduction to GNSS: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Other Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Most people know that GPS refers to the USA's Global Positioning System. Fewer people are familiar with the term GNSS, an acronym for Global Navigation Satellite System. GNSS is used to refer to the collection of the world's global satellite positioning systems including the USA's GPS, Russia's GLONASS, China's COMPASS, and the European Union's Galileo satellite system.

While many books have been written on the subject of GNSS technology, most of these books are written for an advanced engineering audience. An Introduction to GNSS explains GNSS technology in an easy to understand manner and provides readers with basic information on how the GNSS works, and the equipment that is necessary to receive and transmit GNSS signals. The book also presents some of the many exciting applications of GNSS technology.

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