Waypoint Migration from FTP to SFTP Server

04 February 2022

Issue Summary:

On January 2, 2023, the NovAtel File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server used for distributing Waypoint data will be decommissioned and replaced by a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server. This decision to deprecate FTP is to maintain security of our data and services and is consistent with best practices followed by many other organizations. 

The replacement SFTP server will be accessible and supported as of the upcoming maintenance release version of 8.90, expected in Spring 2022, to provide customers and integrators with time to manage this transition. 

Products Affected: 

Any version of Inertial Explorer, Inertial Explorer Xpress, GrafNav / GrafNet, GrafNav Static, SDK, and the TerraStar-NRT service. 


Waypoint uses the NovAtel FTP server for hosting the following information: 

  • Manufacturer Files – This includes DCB corrections for PPP processing, antenna profiles, a current list of public RINEX base station data and published coordinates. Alternatively, manufacturer files are also available via the NovAtel website here: novatel.com/support/waypoint-support/waypoint-downloads 

  • Software updates and news – This enables in-application notifications for new software releases. Alternatively, setups may also be downloaded through a secure link which can be requested through support.novatel@hexagon.com.  Waypoint software releases are announced on the NovAtel website (at novatel.com/support/bulletins-alerts-release-notices), and notification is also provided in the GrafNav and Inertial Explorer version history documents. 

  • TerraStar-NRT files – This includes all data that enables the TerraStar-NRT service, on both the North America and Europe servers. 

Currently, Waypoint software accesses this information from the FTP server within the application. After January 2, 2023, software versions prior to the upcoming maintenance release of 8.90 will no longer be able to access this information.  


Users may update or upgrade to the latest version of Waypoint software. Support for SFTP will be included in the upcoming maintenance release version of 8.90 and later. If already using the latest release of version 8.90 prior to January 2, 2023, no action is required.  

Please contact support.novatel@hexagon.com with any questions.