Updates to support ITRF2020 datum in TerraStar-NRT Service for Waypoint

31 July 2023

Issue Summary:

Updates to our correction generation infrastructure and a brief service outage are required to support the new ITRF2020 datum in Waypoint software and the TerraStar-NRT service.

On Tuesday, August 29, 2023 at approximately 10:00 AM UTC, there will be a service outage for up to two hours while the updates are applied. The TerraStar-NRT service will be completely unavailable at this time and historic data will not be available for the period of the outage.

Products Affected:

The TerraStar-NRT correction service with any version of Inertial Explorer, Inertial Explorer Xpress, GrafNav / GrafNet, GrafNav Static, and SDK.


Currently, TerraStar-NRT provides precise clock and orbit information in ITRF2014. 

After the update, TerraStar-NRT will provide this information in ITRF2020.

Processing using TerraStar-NRT files on older versions of software will fail after this update. Waypoint users on older versions of software who are not users of TerraStar-NRT will be able to continue processing as normal after the update, however over time they may experience slightly reduced accuracy due to datum divergence.


It is necessary for TerraStar-NRT users to update to the latest version of Waypoint software (8.90.8304, released in May 2023) prior to the service outage. It is still recommended that all users of Waypoint software update to the latest version, even if they are not users of TerraStar-NRT, to maintain best possible performance. 

Users should avoid performing any activities that will require TerraStar-NRT data during the service outage. 

Please contact support.novatel@hexagon.com with any questions.