Hexagon | NovAtel announces release of NovAtel Application Suite

Hexagon | NovAtel Release Notice

24 November 2020

NovAtel launches the new NovAtel Application Suite to replace NovAtel Connect, and Setup & Monitor (Web) to replace WebUI. During a five-month beta process, NovAtel incorporated customer feedback into the new NovAtel Application Suite and Setup & Monitor (Web) applications

NovAtel Application Suite and its onboard counterpart Setup & Monitor (Web) will provide an improved, updated workflow-driven design to boost the efficiency and performance of your NovAtel receivers.

Our new applications provide the following key upgrades to NovAtel Application Suite and Setup & Monitor (Web):

  • A user-friendly interface with task-based, workflow-driven design to give better guidance and support during set up and configuration
  • A re-imagined GNSS interference detection display driven by our Interference Toolkit (ITK) to monitor and mitigate interference from impacting receiver performance
  • An advanced Playback Tool allowing users to analyze specific events, and generate smaller file sizes for further investigation
  • Access to your OEM6 and OEM7 devices from anywhere, at anytime

To download, install and get started, please visit our NovAtel Application Suite product page. We look forward to receiving customer feedback through our online portal as we continue to add features and further refine these applications.