NovAtel Announces End of Life for GNSS-501 and GPS-703-GGG-HV-N antennas

30 September 2021

NovAtel Inc. is announcing the End of Life for the GNSS-501 and GPS-703-GGG-HV-N.

The GPS-703-GGG-HV-N is EOL effectively immediately; NovAtel recommends the GPS-703-GGG-HV as a substitute for high vibe positioning applications. The product sheet for the GPS-703-GGG-HV is here.

The GNSS-501 will be available for order until Dec 31, 2022, or until inventory has been depleted. Once inventory is depleted, NovAtel recommends the GNSS-502 as a replacement. The GNSS-502 supports all bands supported by the GNSS-501, and adds GPS L2, GLO L2, Gal E5b, and BeiDou B2b/B2I, with the same enclosure and form factor as the GNSS-501. The product sheet for the GNSS-502 is here.

NovAtel will continue to support and repair these products until Dec 31, 2023.

For a complete listing of NovAtel products at end of life, including the expiration of support and repair for those products, please refer to the discontinued products list on the NovAtel website at