Hexagon | NovAtel announces Version 3.00 of its Encode Decode Interface Engine

26 September 2023

Hexagon | NovAtel has launched version 3.00 of its Encode Decode Interface Engine, also known as EDIE. This software development kit provides simple integration of NovAtel GNSS receivers into existing workflows and interfaces. The result is automated, consistent and scalable decoding for users to quickly access and leverage data outputs across applications. 

EDIE supports users at every step of the positioning process. It streamlines the decoding process, including filtering, parsing and framing so data logs are readable by computers and humans alike. As open-source software, EDIE  is customisable to integrate into users’ systems and data logs so users can focus on working with their data, not on calibrating their products. 

The latest EDIE enhancements are now available on GitHub for integration and customisation into users’ systems. 

The 3.00 version includes the following: 

  • Simple integration with user projects and workflows
  • Open-source for easy customisation to modify EDIE to fit the user’s specific data log input and output requirements
  • Scalability of intaking data logs and outputting to multiple formats, dashboards, software applications and more
  • Ability to jumpstart own data processing dashboard or software through a streamlined decoding process
  • Reliability and trust in an optimised product widely used at NovAtel 

A complete listing of all changes is available in the “What’s New” document included with the download package.  

To download EDIE for your NovAtel GNSS receiver application, please visit: https://github.com/novatel/novatel_edie