Hexagon | NovAtel announces Version 2.0 of NovAtel Application Suite with GRIT Monitor for GNSS interference insights

18 April 2024

Hexagon | NovAtel is pleased to announce NovAtel Application Suite Version 2.0 with the addition of GRIT Monitor for GNSS interference insights. The GRIT Monitor application allows users to easily observe radio frequency (RF) interference through a comprehensive dashboard enabling them to make informed decisions to maintain robust positioning. 

GNSS Resilience and Integrity Technology (GRIT) is our advanced RF interference detection and mitigation technology available on all OEM7 global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver products, including individual cards and enclosures (SMART Antennas, PwrPak and MarinePak).  

GRIT Monitor is the first RF interference software visualisation tool to offer a real-time, at-a-glance interface of all relevant data in a single dashboard view. This means the user does not need to switch between different windows or applications to understand their RF environment and positioning – enabling faster operational response times when interference is detected. 

Included in the comprehensive GRIT Monitor dashboard are Positioning and Device status overviews, a Mitigation Assistant that indicates whether interference is detected, an interactive Spectrum Viewer showing all constellations and frequency bands (spectrum and waterfall), a Signal Matrix indicating the signal quality (good, warning and poor) and interference status by frequency band and constellation, and a Position Overview map which shows the user position and the location of any sources of interference. 

Improvements to the overall look and feel, firmware compatibility, support for MarinePak, as well as additional Manage application functionality (previously Setup & Monitor) are also included in NovAtel Application Suite Version 2.0. 

In summary, updates in NovAtel Application Suite Version 2.0 include:  


Improvements to the user interface, firmware compatibility and support for MarinePak.

Manage application (previously Setup & Monitor) 

  • Device Dashboard – Added download and upload device configuration 
  • Satellite View and Tracking – Added L-Band and SBAS support 

GRIT Monitor application 

  • Device Manager – Dashboard with status overviews for all receivers connected to the NovAtel Application Suite 
    Map view – Shows locations of all connected receivers on global map 
    Spectrum view – Shows RF spectrum graphs for all connected devices 
  • Mitigation Assistant – Indicates the presence of RF interference and provides options for mitigation 
  • Spectrum Viewer – Wideband graph of the full GNSS spectrum coming into the receiver 
    Filtering – Add a filter to help remove interference for receivers with full GRIT functionality 
    Spectrum zoom – Zoom in on areas of interest in the spectrum 
    Waterfall view – Top-down view of the spectrum with a heat map to help identify short-interval interference spikes 
  • Signal Matrix – Intuitive grid view of individual satellite signal quality and interference impact by constellation and frequency band 
  • Position Overview – Shows location of the user and interference events on a map 
    Point-of-interest (POI) export – Export POI to a KML file for use in Google Earth 
    Automatic POI triggers – Receiver automatically creates POI upon trigger of one of the event inputs (e.g., connected sensors) 
    POI GeoGate areas – Notifies the user when they enter or exit a predetermined POI radius 
  • Spoofing Detection Configuration – Calibrates receiver setup to detect possible spoofing events for receivers with full GRIT functionality 

A complete listing of all changes is available in the Release Notes included with the NovAtel Application Suite download. For best performance, firmware version 7.09.00 and newer is recommended for the receiver. 

To gain access to the new GRIT Monitor application, download NovAtel Application Suite Version 2.0 for your specific platform here: https://novatel.com/support/support-materials/software-downloads