Hexagon | NovAtel Announces End of Life for Terrain Compensation Software Model on SMART7 Variant

03 February 2022

NovAtel Inc. is announcing the End of Life of Terrain Compensation software models on the SMART7 base variant. The SMART7 Terrain Compensation software model is identified in the OEM7 part number as ‘T0’ in the 10th and 11th characters. Terrain Compensation software models will continue to be supported on the SMART7-W and SMART7-I variants.

Affected Products:


Unaffected Products:


Terrain Compensation hardware purchases and software model upgrades for SMART7 base variant will be available for order until:

            4 March 2022 (or until inventory has been depleted)

Hardware shipments may be scheduled for no later than:

            29 April 2022 

NovAtel will continue to repair these products until otherwise stated.

For a complete list of affected part numbers and the associated replacement part numbers, please refer to the table below:

Discontinued Part Number Product Replacement Recommendation
SM7-xxx-xxx-xxx-T0 SM7W-xxx-xxx-xxx-T0 or SM7I-xxx-xxx-xxx-T0
SM7N-xxx-xxx-xxx-T0 SM7WN-xxx-xxx-xxx-T0 or SM7IN-xxx-xxx-xxx-T0

To discuss all options to transition to a new NovAtel product, contact your NovAtel Sales representative.

For a complete listing of NovAtel products at end of life, including the expiration of support and repair for those products, please refer to the discontinued products list on the NovAtel website www.novatel.com/products/discontinued-products