Hexagon | NovAtel Announces End of Life for first-generation CPT7 enclosure, HG4930 AN01 IMU, and associated cables

05 October 2022

Hexagon | NovAtel is announcing the End of Life for the first-generation CPT7 GNSS+INS enclosure, the HG4930 AN01 IMU, and the first-generation CPT7 I/O1 and I/O2 cables. The affected part numbers are:

            80023560 (CPT7 first-generation GNSS+INS Enclosure)
            01020208 (CPT7 I/O1 Cable)
            01020209 (CPT7 I/O2 Cable)

These products are End of Life effective immediately. There is minimal remaining inventory.

The first-generation CPT7 (80023560) has been replaced by the upgraded second-generation CPT7 (80023574). See the product announcement bulletin on this new variant from June 2021 for more details.

The OEM-IMU-HG4930-AN01 has been replaced by OEM-IMU-HG4930-AN04. These IMUs are almost identical in specifications and performance, but the AN04 variant provides enhanced data resolution through an optional higher inertial data rate (400 Hz).

CPT7 I/O1 Cable 01020208 is replaced by 01020697, and CPT7 I/O2 Cable 01020209 is replaced by 01020690. These new cables are form, fit, and function compatible with the previous part numbers but have improved power delivery capacity and shielding.

These products will be available for order until:

            October 1, 2023, or until inventory is depleted  

NovAtel will continue to support and repair these products until:

            October 1, 2025, or until parts are no longer available 

For a complete list of affected part numbers and the associated replacement part numbers, refer to the table below:

Discontinued Part Number Replacement Part Number
80023560 (CPT7 Generation 1) 80023574 (CPT7 Generation 2)
80023559 (OEM-IMU-HG4930-AN01) 80023573 (OEM-IMU-HG4930-AN04)
01020208 (CPT7 I/O1 Cable) 01020697 (CPT7 I/O1 Cable)
01020209 (CPT7 I/O2 Cable)
01020690 (CPT7 I/O2 Cable)

Please contact your NovAtel Sales representative with any questions.

For a complete listing of NovAtel products at end of life, including the expiration of support and repair for those products, please refer to the discontinued products list on the NovAtel website.