Hexagon | NovAtel announces 7.09.00 firmware with PTP functionality

04 May 2023

Hexagon | NovAtel is pleased to announce the general release of 7.09.00 firmware providing the Precise Timing Protocol (PTP) feature enabling users to synchronise the highly accurate time from GNSS with other devices and sensors on a shared network.  

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) feature atomic clocks, one of the most accurate timing sources. The new PTP feature brings that stable timing to a user’s other sensor systems connected through a local network to best support positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) and automotive and autonomous applications.  

This release includes SPAN GNSS+INS technology improvements, including a secondary INS solution for built-in redundancy and reliability in challenging conditions. These SPAN improvements are the culmination of over three years of iterations and field data. 

These latest enhancements are now available on all OEM7* cards and enclosures, including all PwrPak7 and CPT7 enclosures variants. 

The 7.09.00 firmware includes the following: 

  • Precise Timing Protocol (PTP) for synchronising accurate GNSS time with other devices on a shared network 
  • Improvements to the Time to First Fix (TTFF) so users can begin to work faster when they restart their GNSS receiver 
  • A new secondary SPAN solution for a more accurate and reliable GNSS+INS output  
  • General SPAN GNSS+INS technology improvements from over three years of refinements 

A complete listing of all changes is available in the “What’s New” document included with the firmware download.  

To download the 7.09.00 firmware update for your specific platform, please visit: https://novatel.com/support/support-materials/firmware-download  

Please contact your local sales representative for more information on NovAtel products and the latest firmware. A complete list of NovAtel dealers is available at https://novatel.com/contactus/dealer-network 

*The 7.09.00 firmware is not for precision agriculture applications and is not supported on NovAtel’s SMART antenna products.