Hexagon | NovAtel announces 7.08.14 firmware

22 November 2022

Hexagon | NovAtel is pleased to announce the general release of 7.08.14 firmware enabling global RTK From the Sky™ technology enhancements on all NovAtel platforms compatible with our TerraStar and Oceanix Correction Services. 

Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division’s RTK From the Sky technology delivers the fastest, most reliable PPP corrections worldwide with 99.999% availability, centimetre-level accuracy and convergence as fast as three minutes. The 7.08.14 firmware release integrates this technology into OEM7 platforms for use with a TerraStar-C PRO subscription or Oceanix subscription.  

Support for global RTK From the Sky technology was initially released in 7.08.10. These latest enhancements are now available on all OEM7* cards and enclosures including the OEM7720, OEM7600, OEM7500 cards and PwrPak7D, CPT7 enclosures.

The 7.08.14 release includes: 

  • Oceanix enhancements with global RTK From the Sky technology, delivering improved signal tracking and faster convergence and recovery 
  • TerraStar-C PRO enhancements with global RTK From the Sky technology, now support on all OEM7 hardware
  • Enhancements when tracking the modernised BeiDou and Galileo signals  

A complete listing of all changes is available in the “What’s New” document included with the firmware download. 

To download the 7.08.14 firmware update for your specific platform, please visit: https://novatel.com/support/support-materials/firmware-download 

Learn more about RTK From the Sky technology at: https://hexagon.com/company/divisions/autonomy-and-positioning/rtk-from-sky

Please contact your local sales representative for more information on NovAtel products and the latest firmware. A complete list of NovAtel dealers is available at https://novatel.com/contactus/dealer-network  

* 7.08.14 release is not for precision agriculture applications; 7.08.14 is not supported on NovAtel SMART antenna products.