GLONASS Day Number Rollover

19 December 2023


The GLONASS satellite system day number counter reset will occur on the 31st of December 2023 at 21:00 UTC.

GLONASS satellite system day count starting from 1 then increment every day at 21:00 UTC up to 1461, within a four-year window. After number 1461 the counter will reset to 1 at the next rollover.

To ensure seamless transition between 21:00 UTC 31st December 2023 and 00:00 UTC 1st of January 2024 the corrections for GLONASS satellites will be excluded from all TerraStar and Oceanix products. After the maintenance window, GLONASS corrections will be reintroduced into the corrections stream automatically. 

No outage is expected due to the rollover, however convergence time might be affected for receivers using GPS/GLONASS only.