End of Life for Various ANT-series Antennas

12 December 2013

NovAtel has been informed by the FAA that only a FAA TSO-C144 certification part number shall appear on FAA certified antennas. As a result, NovAtel must EOL all FAA certified antennas that have an Antcom and NovAtel part number appearing, and replace them with antennas that display only the FAA TSO-C144 part number. The replacement antennas will be identical to the original antenna product.

This EOL announcement, effective immediately, applies to the following antennas:


Orders for these antennas will be automatically transitioned to the new part number. For special cases where this automatic transition may cause concern, please contact your NovAtel Sales Manager in your region. A complete list of NovAtel representatives can be found on our website at:


NovAtel will continue to support and repair the affected products until:

December 12, 2016

Affected part numbers and the associated replacement part numbers, are listed below:

Discontinued Part Number Replacement Part Number
ANT-35C2GA-TW 3GOXX16A4-XTR-1-1-Cert (white only - no NovAtel logo)
ANT-35C1GA-TW-N 3GOXX16A4-XTR-1-2-Cert (white only - no NovAtel logo)
ANT-3GNSSA-TW 3GOXX16A4-XTR-1-4-Cert (white only - no NovAtel logo)
ANT-35C1GLA-TRW Replacement still to be announced
ANT-A72GA-TW-N 42G1215A-XT-1-Cert (white only - no NovAtel logo)
ANT-42GNSSA-TW 42GOXX16A4-XT-1-2-Cert (white only - no NovAtel logo)
ANT-A72GLA4-TW-N 42G1215A-XT-1-3-Cert (white only - no NovAtel logo)
ANT-A72GLA-TW-N 42G1215A-XT-1-2-Cert (white only - no NovAtel logo)
ANT-A71GLA4-TW 42GO16A4-XT-1-Cert (white only - no NovAtel logo)
ANT-A72GOLA-TW 42GOXX16A4-XT-1-1-Cert (white only - no NovAtel logo)


The replacement parts will not be branded with the NovAtel logo. Other than the new part number and the removal of the NovAtel logo, these replacement parts are identical to the discontinued parts.

User manuals will be available on the website on December 12th.

NovAtel is dedicated to making this transition period as smooth as possible. Please email support.novatel@hexagon.com, call 1-800-NOVATEL or contact any NovAtel Sales Representative listed on our website at novatel.com/contact-us if you have any questions or concerns.


Posted on 12/12/2013