SPAN Combined Systems

SPAN® GNSS+INS Combined Systems

Single enclosure GPS+INS systems are ideal for space constrained applications, integrating GPS receiver technology with Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG) and Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometer inertial components in a single compact unit. Tight coupling of the GPS and INS technologies in one enclosure optimizes the raw GPS and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) data, delivering a superior position, velocity and attitude solution.


An image of the MarinePak7 marine-certified GNSS receiver on a white background.

MarinePak7 Marine GNSS Receiver

The MarinePak7 is a multi-constellation GNSS receiver with SPAN GNSS+INS technology, optimized to deliver precise positioning for the marine environment.


The SPAN CPT7 is an ultra-compact, light-weight, dual-antenna SPAN® enclosure that delivers 3D position, velocity and attitude.


The PwrPak7D-E2 is an advanced OEM7® dual antenna SPAN® GNSS+INS enclosure that provides improved performance and higher data rate.


The PwrPak7-E2 is an advanced OEM receiver that provides an all-constellation, multi-frequency positioning solution.


A compact dual antenna enclosure that delivers NovAtel’s leading SPAN® GNSS+INS technology.


The PwrPak7-E1 is a compact OEM7™ enclosure that delivers NovAtel's leading SPAN® GNSS+INS technology.