NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation), India

The NavIC system (formerly known as IRNSS) provides coverage for India and the surrounding region. The system provides positioning accuracy of better than 10 metres (10.9 yards) throughout India and better than 20 m (21.9 yards) for the area surrounding India by 1,500 km (932 miles).

NavIC provides two services. A Standard Positioning Service (SPS) is available to all users, and a Restricted Service (RS) is available to authorised users only.

Table 12 summarises the NavIC signals. Plans to broadcast an additional signal, L1, from all NavIC satellites was announced by the Indian government in 2021.

Designation Frequency Description
L5 1176.45 MHz L5 will be modulated with the SPS and RS signals.
S 2492.028 MHz S will be modulated with the SPS and RS signals.
Navigation signals will also be transmitted on S.
Table 12 NavIC signal characteristics

The first NavIC satellite was launched in July of 2013. As of 2022, the NavIC system consists of eight satellites, three of them in geostationary orbits and five in inclined geosynchronous orbits, with plans to expand to 12 satellites.

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