RTK ASSIST Service from NovAtel Ensures up to Twenty Minutes of Precise Positioning Accuracy when RTK Correction Outages Occur

Today at Intergeo, NovAtel Inc. (NovAtel), introduced its RTK ASSIST service. RTK ASSIST is a subscription-based service that provides users with satellite-delivered correction data to seamlessly continue centimetre-level accuracy during Real Time Kinematic (RTK) correction outages caused by communication disruptions. Users are able to maintain RTK level performance for up to 20 minutes, reducing any associated downtime and optimizing solution productivity.

RTK is a well-established method of achieving cm-level accuracy with GNSS. However, if the RTK correction data link to the receiver is interrupted, performance degrades quickly. RTK ASSIST subscribers are able to maintain the accuracy of their positioning solution during these interruptions, avoiding any down-time. RTK ASSIST is best suited for applications where there are potential obstructions, dead spots, and/or baseline limitations that would cause RTK network correction losses for short periods of time.

Neil Gerein, Portfolio Manager for NovAtel stated, “Combining NovAtel’s long history of expertise in RTK positioning with correction data delivered directly to the receiver via satellite, allows for a continuous centimetre-level solution that is globally available, 24/7.”

For more information, visit novatel.com/rtkassist

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Posted on 11/10/2016