NovAtel Launches the GPS-704-WB Antenna

NovAtel Inc. (NovAtel) today launched the GPS-704-WB antenna, a wideband antenna that supports L-Band as well as the frequencies of all current GNSS constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou), including B3 and E6 signals. Customers can use this antenna for GPS-only or multi-constellation applications, providing excellent flexibility for application developers.

The phase center offset of this antenna remains constant as the azimuth and elevation angle of the satellites change, making it an ideal choice for baselines of any length and easy installation. The antenna shares the same form factor as other NovAtel GPS-700 series antennas, and is enclosed in a durable, waterproof housing. Its compact, lightweight size makes it suitable for a wide variety of environments and applications. 

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Posted on 23/04/2015