The new JCB Fastrac iCON features the industry-leading Hexagon | NovAtel SMART7 GNSS receiver

(Calgary, Canada, June 29, 2022) - On April 28th, 2022, JCB launched their new Fastrac iCON tractor to the public. It features the industry-leading Hexagon | NovAtel’s SMART7 GNSS receiver and optional TerraStar Correction Services driving the iCONNECT precision technology package and offering operators an easy-to-use customisable experience. 

“The iCON tractor is designed around the farmer. We wanted a GNSS solution farmers can rely on that stands up to harsh agriculture environments while providing the accuracy to support our precision technology,” said Greg Fitton, General Manager - Fastrac Sales at JCB. “We chose NovAtel as our GNSS experts because of their demonstrated reputation for quality, cutting edge technology and performance and their willingness to adapt to our needs.”  

“We are excited to build our partnership with JCB with the launch of their updated, class-leading Fastrac iCON tractor,” said Eric Wuestefeld, executive vice president, agriculture for Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division. “As with each of our OEM customers, JCB had specific needs for integration to meet the expectations of their equipment operators. This is why we design our products to be flexible while providing the accuracy, quality and ruggedness demanded in agriculture.” 

The SMART7-I included in the new Fastrac iCON tractor is a rugged, waterproof, all-in-one GNSS SMART Antenna designed and tested specifically for the agriculture industry. Connectivity is made easy with Wi-Fi and Ethernet support. TerraStar and RTK corrections provide the centimetre-level accuracy required for any farming application. With multi-constellation and multi-frequency capabilities, it is a dependable solution for farms with treelines and obstructions that may impede satellite signals. 

With the availability of TerraStar Correction Services, operators can have the highest accuracy and year-over-year repeatability globally. TerraStar offers fast, consistent positioning through the planting, spraying and harvest cycle with 99.999% uptime and availability.  

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