TerraStar Beam 143.5E Outage

19 April 2023


On 16/4/2023 at approximately 21:14 UTC TerraStar beam 143.5E suffered an unplanned outage resulting in an interruption to corrections delivery until 23:00 UTC 18/4/2023. During this period all other TerraStar beams (IOR, 98W, AORW, and 25E) remained operational, with a temporary power increase applied on an adjacent beam to aid APAC users near the coverage boundary.

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Automatic Beam Selection:

To ensure a seamless transition to the next available beam, it is recommended to set beam selection to automatic. The command for this is:


Users that have manually assigned their receiver to track 143.5E are recommended to switch to automatic beam selection.

IP Delivery for Corrections:

All TerraStar-L & TerraStar-C PRO subscriptions include IP delivery. Using an internet connected device (such as a modem or PC), a user can feed TerraStar corrections directly to the receiver without the need for an L-band connection or as a redundant method of delivery in addition to L-band.

More information on IP delivery is available here: IP Delivery for Global TerraStar Corrections