OEM6® Firmware Version 6.600 Now Available

10 February 2015

NovAtel Inc. is pleased to announce the release of version 6.600 firmware for all OEM6 GNSS receivers.

General updates include:

• Support added for TerraStar-C correction data which enables better converged accuracy and faster re-convergence

• Steadyline® now provides smooth transitions, between solution types in BESTPOS, when enabled

• Improvements in reported standard deviations when Steadyline is enabled

• RTK algorithm efficiency improvements result in more CPU idle time when more satellites are tracked

• Improvements in RTK performance through correction outages

• Fix for Ethernet issue with DHCP client on the ProPak-6

• Improvements to Wi-Fi Access Point mode on PP6

• SPAN® FSAS/KVH IMUs are now steered to the internal PPS to address timing issues

• SPAN Improvements to handle large GNSS updates and still provide smooth positioning

• SPAN Relative INS output frame has been modified to include ECEF, BODY, or the current LOCALLEVEL

• IMU raw data will now be output before GPS time is set by default. This can be deactivated via a new option in the INSCOMMAND command.

• SETINITAZIMUTH will now complete after we have accumulated at least 5 seconds of static data, if this static data is collected prior to command it will use previous accumulations and complete alignment instantly.

• Added support for ISA-100C IMU at 200Hz or 400Hz.

6.600 New Commands:


o The EXTERNALPVA message can be used to input any external update supplying any of; position, velocity, and/or attitude. Sending this command before a GNSS solution is available will allow the SPAN system to align without GNSS.

6.600 Command Change:


o Added options START_NO_TIME (now the default) and START_FINE_TIME which restores the default of previous releases.

New WebUI Update (1.0.3)

• WebUI session is persistent over Reset/Software Update

• No re-login required after a firmware upload or the web content upload

• Proper Handling of Refresh/Back Button

• Improved handling of terminal crash when recording huge data

• Fixed issue where background logging would stop if the user switches between components

• Softload is now functional

NovAtel is committed to providing excellent value to our customers in the form of firmware updates and upgrades. By providing this functionality as a firmware update, customers can apply it to their existing receivers, enabling quick changeover and no downtime. This firmware update is available free of charge to all customers.

For more information on NovAtel products and latest firmware, please contact your local sales representative. A complete list of NovAtel dealers is available at: https://novatel.com/contactus/dealer-network

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