NovAtel CORRECT® Positioning

All applications have requirements and technical challenges that drive decisions about what GNSS positioning products to use. Which level of solution accuracy is required? What are the operating constraints? Will your system be connected to the Internet or is it in an isolated location? Is accuracy or solution availability more important to you? 

NovAtel CORRECT is the positioning algorithm on NovAtel's GNSS receivers that handles corrections from a variety of sources, including RTK, PPP, SBAS and DGPS. With NovAtel CORRECT, you can choose the corrections method that best meets the requirements and performance objectives of your application.

Whether it's an RTK solution, for highest accuracy and availability, a PPP solution when you need to meet high accuracy requirements without all the extra setup, or a simple low accuracy, lower cost solution available through SBAS/DGPS, NovAtel CORRECT offers it all.

Providing a single source of GNSS hardware, correction service and support, NovAtel CORRECT simplifies the process of acquiring the best possible position. NovAtel CORRECT RTK and PPP solutions are designed to work optimally together to deliver decimetre or better positioning. Most importantly, NovAtel CORRECT exemplifies NovAtel's OEM partnership model by offering system integrators and dealers flexible, scalable and competitive positioning technology with great opportunity for future innovation.