The OEM7500 is a dual-frequency, high precision GNSS module that is scalable to offer sub-metre to centimetre-level positioning using Correction Services. This single-sided, surface mount package solders down directly, eliminating the need for connectors and mounting hardware. Optional SPAN GNSS+INS support provides access to continuous 3D position, velocity and attitude. The OEM7500 has a compact, lightweight form factor available in volume quantities making it ideal for use in autonomous vehicle fleets.


• Flexible positioning modes include RTK, TerraStar PPP, SBAS and single-point
• Multi-constellation signal tracking for higher availability
• Dual-frequency enables high accuracy
• Advanced interference visualization and mitigation features
• SPAN integration bridges difficult environments
• Solder down module with effective thermal mitigation features


• Compact, lightweight form factor
• Easy to use interface simplifies integration
• Low power consumption for power-constrained, high-performance positioning applications

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