GNSS for Autonomy

Advancing autonomy in off-road applications like agriculture, is not without its challenges. Each step forward sees another obstacle to overcome, and while you continue to find solutions, the end result might not be the most efficient and scalable production solution.

Hexagon | NovAtel provides robust, field-ready positioning solutions that are accurate and reliable to get you from concept to production. We design our products to be scaleable and easily integrated into your equipment, offering advanced industry solutions built for your needs. 


Agriculture equipment is an investment no matter if it is operated by a person or autonomously. That is why SMART antennas from NovAtel are durable, reliable high-precision products that include a board-level GNSS receiver and GNSS antenna integrated into one compact enclosure. With long-lasting, versatile hardware as the foundation,  you can add firmware options as your requirements evolve, and benefit from our continuous improvement efforts with regular functionality and technology updates. 


Not only does NovAtel provide exceptional products, we believe in ensuring our products are performing to the highest level for our customers and tailored to their application's needs. Our support team is available and ready to help you with integration, training and troubleshooting.

What type of positioning solution are you looking for? 

Need Solution
Positioning is my main concern; I do not require high-accuracy heading. Check out our single SMART7 antenna solution.
I need a positioning solution and high-accuracy heading, even when the vehicle is stationary or slow-moving. View our dual antenna with heading solution.
I am not really sure what type of solution I need. Don’t worry, reach out to our sales team and they can help you find the right solution based on your current needs as well as what you may need in the future!

NovAtel is a pioneer and leader in the GNSS space, so it’s a natural fit that our high-performance GNSS products are being leveraged to enable autonomy. No matter the level of autonomy you’re working on, from driver assistance through to partial, conditional and full autonomy, our GNSS hardware and software are designed and built to provide the level of positioning integrity needed for autonomous applications.

Browse our GNSS products in the links below or contact us to help get your autonomy and robotic program on the right track. 

Two Smart Antennas sitting side by side

Dual antenna heading solution

Advance your autonomous positioning solution with dual antennas to get static and slow-moving headings.

Smart Antenna

Single antenna solutions for autonomy

Basic, reliable GNSS positioning hardware with the ability to increase accuracy and performance with additional software and firmware options.

Drivers for ROS™

The NovAtel_OEM7_driver, built for ROS, is developed and maintained by NovAtel to allow quick and easy integration of the OEM7 receiver into any ROS application.  

Connected icons superimposed over aerial view

TerraStar Correction Services

Global and regional correction services ranging from 2 cm to 50 cm accuracy for land and airborne applications.