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DLG Approved

The German Agricultural Society or Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG) has released DLG Test Report 6802, NovAtel SMART6L receiver PPP Automatic Steering Test. This report describes the benefits growers can experience using NovAtel’s TerraStar-C and TerraStar-L Precise Point Positioning (PPP) technology with a SMART6-L Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receiver for automatic steering. NovAtel’s SMART6-L was awarded the DLG-APPROVED quality mark after successfully completing the PPP autosteering test.

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The world runs on NovAtel. In control, guidance and steering systems of the world's top precision ag, implement and vehicle manufacturers’ products. And in some of the most dynamic applications in the world.

In-flight Refueling

Many years ago we were inside NASA’s world first autonomous in-flight refueling exercise.

Little Bird

More recently, Boeing’s Unmanned Little Bird program relied on NovAtel positioning to successfully test unmanned aerial landings and takeoffs from a moving vessel.

The First...

Whether developing a world-first application or creating innovative approaches to solving old problems, we can help achieve your goals.

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Technology that just works.

NovAtel GNSS SMART Antenna and Receiver technology is used by the world’s agriculture leaders.

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TerraStar GNSS correction service offers scalable positioning solutions to meet your varied agriculture needs.

High Accuracy
  • TerraStar-C PRO (3 cm 95%, <18 mins)
  • TerraStar-C (5 cm 95%, 30-45 mins)
Broad Accuracy
  • TerraStar-L (15 cm pass-to-pass, <5 mins)
RTK Backup
  • RTK ASSIST seamlessly maintains centimeter-level accuracies during RTK correction data outages or radio signal interruptions

Trusted Partner

NovAtel is trusted by the world's top precision ag, implement and vehicle manufacturers’ products.