PIM222A GNSS positioning receiver for ADAS and autonomy

PIM222A solder-down module for ADAS and autonomy from NovAtel in between the thumb and fingers of a hand

Built with automotive-qualified hardware in a package that is easy to integrate, the PIM222A receiver harnesses SPAN technology from NovAtel to provide accurate position data in environments that challenge GNSS availability.

This solder-down module delivers precise GNSS positioning for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, leveraging NovAtel's positioning expertise for on- and off-road applications.

The lightweight, power-efficient PIM222A receiver design can be applied to low-, medium- and high-production volumes while retaining a rich array of features, including options such as multi-frequency, multi-constellation, RTK and dual-antenna precision.


  • Instant position and attitude — faster IMU calibration
  • Maintains accuracy longer into GNSS blackouts
  • Tracks and holds more satellites for sustained solutions
  • Higher resolution of application dynamics
  • Proven precision for automotive applications


  • Dual antenna with IMU
  • Differential Distance Measurement Instrument (DMI) input via CAN
  • High sensitivity
  • 50Hz Attitude
  • High-volume affordability


System Type Module  
General Info Length (mm) 35
  Width (mm) 42
  Height (mm) 4.2
  Weight (g) 12
  Typical power (W) 1.2
Signal Tracking GPS L1, L2, L5 (mode 2)
  Galileo E1, E5a (mode 2), E5b
  BeiDou B1|, B2|, B2a (mode 2)
Signals to module interfaces GNSS to RF in 2
  UART up to 3
  USB 2.0 service port 1
  PPS (Timemark) 1
  SPI (for external IMU) 2
  CAN bus 1 1
  External LAN short status 2
  Error line 1
Performance Accuracy RMS
  Time 20 ns
  Velocity 0.04 m/s
  Attitude INS heading 1 degree