IMU-LN200 Tactical Grade Fiber Optic Gyros (FOG) - LN200 IMU

The IMU-LN200 contains the Northrop Grumman LN200 IMU. The LN200 is a tactical grade IMU containing closed-loop fiber optic gyros and solid-state silicon accelerometers. The IMU-LN200 handles the power requirements of the IMU from a 12-28 V power input and provides the IMU data to a SPAN enabled GNSS+INS receiver such as the PwrPak7® using a custom NovAtel interface. The GNSS+INS receiver uses IMU measurements to compute a blended GNSS+INS position, velocity and attitude solution at up to 200 Hz.


  • Closed-loop fiber optic gyro technology
  • 200 Hz data rate
  • 12-28 VDC power input
  • SPAN INS functionality


  • Low noise, low bias sensor excellent for airborne survey applications
  • Easy integration with NovAtel's SPAN capable GNSS+INS receivers


General Info Length (mm) 150
  Width/Diameter (mm) 134
  Height (mm) 134
  Weight (g) <3.4
  Typical Power Consumption (w) 14
Performance Gyro Bias Offset (deg/hr) 1.0
  Gyro Angular Random Walk (deg/√hr) 0.07
  Gyro Scale Factor (ppm) 100
  Gyro Range (deg/s) ±1000
  Accelerometer Bias (mg) 0.3
  Accelerometer Scale Factor (ppm) 300
  Accelerometer Range (g) ±40
  Accelerometer Linerarity (ppm) 150


Advantages of UIMU-LN200

Low noise and stable accelerometer and gyro sensor biases make the IMU-LN200 an ideal choice for airborne mapping applications. IMU mounting is made easy by its small footprint. The IMU-LN200 is available as a complete assembly, including the IMU and environmentally sealed enclosure. Also, customers who already have the LN200 IMU can purchase the enclosure separately and easily integrate the IMU.

Improve SPAN LN200 Accuracy

For more demanding applications, Inertial Explorer® post-processing software from our Waypoint® Product Group can be used to post-process SPAN LN200 data and offers the highest level of accuracy with the system.